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Specials Week

Illustration of Dr. Marie Maynard Daly in a lab coat in front of a DNA strand. Chemical structures of adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine in the background.

Leaders in Early Science: Dr. Marie Maynard Daly

Dr. Marie Maynard Daly was an American biochemist who characterized DNA modulators, identified key breakthroughs in cardiology, and worked to reduce barriers for other Black scientists.

Dr. Scott V. Edwards' face and babblers scattered around his name

Scott V. Edwards

Scott V. Edwards’s colorful career and lifelong passion for birds began in his backyard in New York City, when his neighbor took him birdwatching for the first time. Unfortunately, his family pushed him towards medicine, a field that seemed like an obvious choice given that his father was a doctor. As a volunteer at the Smithsonian during his undergraduate degree, he learned more about the natural history of life on earth and decided to change his career path.

David R. Hedgley Jr. holds up two images demonstrating the hidden line problem.

David R. Hedgley, Jr.

From an architect’s building design to your favourite video game, computer-generated 3D graphics are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. One notably significant figure in this field is mathematician and computer scientist David R. Hedgley, Jr, who came up with an algorithm to solve the “hidden-line problem” of computer graphics.

Illustration of Dr. Patricia Bath holding an eye model. The background is composed of patterns that resemble a phoropter, an eye exam tool.

Dr. Patricia Bath (1942-2019)

Dr. Bath was an American ophthalmologist, researcher, and an advocate for the prevention, treatment, and cure of blindness. Pushing through obstacles of sexism, racism, and poverty, Dr. Bath made innovative contributions to the field of medicine which had long-lasting impacts on the communities she served.

Dr Owens reading about marine biology to her students, against a backdrop of colourful underwater coral.

Turning the Tide for Black Women in STEM

Joan Murrell Owens is known best for her contributions to the discovery and classification of coral in marine biology, as well as for being a life-long educator. However, her path has not always been so straight-forward.

Illustration of Dr. Maydianne Andrade surrounded by dark background with spiderwebs.

Dr. Maydianne Andrade

Black widow spiders are a group of venomous spider species. Their venom contains a dangerous neurotoxin called latrotoxin that, while not fatal, can cause pain, cramps and vomiting in humans. While most of us would be nervous about working with these spiders, Dr. Andrade has been studying them since she obtained her Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

A phone showing TikTok science content.

TikTok Science Communication

With more than one billion users, TikTok has become one of the widest-reaching social media platforms worldwide. How are science communicators using this platform to reach new audiences?

The stereotypical “mad scientist” wearing a beret and holding paint brushes.

How the Field of Scientific Illustration Has Picked up STEAM

Mona Li is a full-time freelance medical illustrator and visual designer who specializes mostly in human health and anatomy. This interview takes a closer look at how scientific illustrations play a crucial role in communicating science to a broad and diverse audience in visual, artsy ways.

Dr. Sam Illingworth in a science lab creating poetry through the integration of scientific ideas. Words in the image summarize key points of the interview (science meets art, unity, consilience, vulnerability, esotericism, dissemination, poetry, artists, collaboration, science communication, journal).

Where Science Meets Poetry: An Interview with Dr. Sam Illingworth

A creator of numerous poems touching on diverse scientific topics, Sam Illingworth is devoted to exploring the intersections between laboratory and lyric. Learn about his process and explore the value and beauty of communicating science through poetry in this Specials Week article.