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Prima Zhao

David R. Hedgley Jr. holds up two images demonstrating the hidden line problem.

David R. Hedgley, Jr.

From an architect’s building design to your favourite video game, computer-generated 3D graphics are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. One notably significant figure in this field is mathematician and computer scientist David R. Hedgley, Jr, who came up with an algorithm to solve the “hidden-line problem” of computer graphics.

Image of dendrophylax lindenii aka the ghost orchid on a black background with some ghosts

The Floating Flower

Our world is full of fascinating plant life—and the flower Dendrophylax lindenii, more commonly known as the ghost orchid, is no exception.

The sun blowing solar wind towards the earth where northern lights are visible on a night sky.

The Northern Lights

Captivating colours from red to blue dance across the night sky, creating a ‘light show’ in waves and circles. This spectacle can be seen in Canada, and is better known as the northern lights, or aurora borealis.

A group of people smiling, each with a unique pattern in their brain to represent neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity: Reducing Stigma Around the Autism Spectrum

The diversity of humans and our individual differences is what makes the world so complex yet intriguing. If we embrace and respect these differences, our kindness can make a small yet important step towards an inclusive and diverse society.

Women in STEM

A set of nine bite-sized infographics on women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Originally created for 2020 International Women’s Day.

A silkworm spinning silk thread into a spool on a leaf.

The Science Behind Silk

Silk has always been associated with luxury. And in recent years, there has been a growing hype over silk products, such as silk pillowcases and eye masks. But where exactly does silk come from, and what makes silk so special?

A portrait of Rosalind Franklin with a strand of DNA running vertically across the centre of the image. The text reads "Chemist, pioneer in X-ray crystallography".

Rosalind Franklin

Sometimes called the Dark Lady of DNA, Rosalind Franklin (1920–1958) was a prolific researcher in multiple scientific fields. She’s best known for her contribution to discovering DNA’s structure—as well as the controversy surrounding it.

A portrait of Meemann Chang. The text reads "Palaeontologist, pioneer in the study of vertebrate fossil records".

Meemann Chang: The Rose of Chinese Science

Why have some creatures gone extinct and not others? And how did modern animals and plants come about from them? These are all questions that can be answered by looking into the past through fossils. Read about one of the modern pioneers of the field of paleontology: Dr. Meemann Chang.

An illustration of a brilliant blue ocean. The text reads "Sink or Swim?".

Sink or Swim

When you think of climate change, you likely think of glaciers melting, stranded polar bears, or ocean levels rising. It’s pretty clear that rising sea levels threaten to plunge us all underwater, but why should we care about the other stuff, like ocean acidification?

A desktop computer. On the monitor, there is an image of a sparrow bird and a prompt that reads "Are you ready?". There are two choices for the user to input, "yes" or "no".

Artificial Intelligence in Video Gaming: Sparrow

“Sparrow” is a student startup at the Entrepreneurship Hatchery at the University of Toronto. Their plan? Build a League of Legends “personal gaming coach” that incorporates AI into video gaming.