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A pink rabbit in holds an unfolded map and looks up with it’s mouth open. Above is a canopy of leafy green trees that part in a heart shape to reveal a blue sky.

Green is Good

I love trees. And I would guess that this is a fairly common sentiment. After all, how many would truly, wholeheartedly, disagree with such a statement? They’re majestic, giants of the natural world, and they are everywhere, even in a city as urban as Toronto. However, have you ever taken...

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In the middle, a scientist holds a skeleton in a ballet pose. A scientist on the right holds up a protractor to measure the skeleton. Another scientist sits at a desk with a microscope and is studying a shoe. Behind the scientists, many posters are taped to the wall. The posters show different aspects of dance like evolution, hormones, beat, dance moms, physiology, and self-esteem.

Just Dance! It’s in our human nature

“You are the dancing queen” “Oh, I wanna dance with somebody” “Shut up and dance with me” These are just a few popular examples of the countless song lyrics that communicate the exuberant feelings associated with dancing. Whether it is a feeling of satisfaction after learning complex choreography, intimacy felt...

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