Under text saying five senses of attraction are illustrations representing taste as a mouth, smell as a nose, sight as an eye, touch as hands holding, and sound as an ear.

Five Senses of Attraction

The power of invisibility has been wielded by countless fictional heroes—and many have wondered about bringing that power into the real world. Making the body turn invisible on its own sounds out of the question, but what about instances where characters disappear with the help of special invisibility-granting clothing or...

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A man looking up and seeing different colour and size spheres through a beam of white light in a dark space.

The Universe in the Dark

Let’s take a moment to imagine the vastness of our universe. All that is visible to us through our gigantic telescopes is unimaginable to our minds. Yet, all that is visible to us makes up a tiny slice of our universe – just 4 percent. The remaining is made up...

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A pair of headphones with a brain in the middle. Neon-coloured sound waves are seen coming out of the headphones and making connections on the brain. The brain is lit up by the same neon colours.

Bass Goes Boom

Whether it’s the rhythmic tapping of a spoon on a plate, the clicking of a car’s turn signal, or the drips of a leaking faucet, humans find a beat wherever we go. But why is it that we are so susceptible to a single note that is repeated over and...

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