Four colourful cartoon people stand in a line, each with an opening inside their chest displaying a set of chromosomes. The second person in line has an additional set of chromosomes and patches of a different colour on their body, representing chimerism.

Can we trust DNA? — Lydia Fairchild’s story

DNA is a unique biological molecule often referred to as the building block of life. In today’s society, identification of organisms or their relationships depends on DNA: For instance, determining someone’s identity from forensic evidence or conducting blood relation tests relies on an individual’s unique DNA sequence. This connection can...

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person listening to music and having nostalgic feelings about her and her friend having a good time together.

Oh My God, I Know That Song!

You’re at a party. It’s pretty relaxed, people are chatting and you’re sitting in the living room with a friend. All of a sudden, “Last Friday Night” booms through the speakers. In a second, everyone is on the dance floor. "Yeah, we danced on tabletops, and we took too many...

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Silhouette of a mouse within a maze. Cyan and magenta coloured light beams originate from its brain and intertwine to form a DNA double-helix shape.

Let There Be Light: Optogenetics and the Brain

Imagine this: someone puts a light bulb in your brain. As the bulb switches on and off, it controls the activity of your brain cells. By targeting different cells, it might make you feel intense emotions, wake you up or put you to sleep, or even make you temporarily smarter.

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