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Maia Dall’Acqua

Dr. Scott V. Edwards' face and babblers scattered around his name

Scott V. Edwards

Scott V. Edwards’s colorful career and lifelong passion for birds began in his backyard in New York City, when his neighbor took him birdwatching for the first time. Unfortunately, his family pushed him towards medicine, a field that seemed like an obvious choice given that his father was a doctor. As a volunteer at the Smithsonian during his undergraduate degree, he learned more about the natural history of life on earth and decided to change his career path.

The Mind Flayer, a supernatural being from Netflix's Stranger Things, looming over the Earth. The text reads "hive mind".

Hive Mind

Superorganism, collective consciousness, hive mind. Lately, these words have been gaining attention online because of the hit TV show, Stranger Things. But while the public only recently became familiar with the Mind Flayer and its loyal Demogorgon soldiers, the phenomenon of a ‘collective brain’ has actually been around for millions of years.

A retro videogame styled dinosaur running away from a meteor in the desert. The text reads "game over".

A Mesozoic Murder Mystery

For millions of years, dinosaurs dominated the Earth in the time period we call the Mesozoic Era (also known as the Age of Reptiles) and it seemed like nothing could end their reign. But 66 million years ago, the planet was changed forever.

A vivid dream projected from a person's brain. The person's eyes are closed and appears to be sleeping. The text reads "All About Lucid Dreams".

Lucid Dreaming

Can you manipulate your dreams? If so, you’re probably experiencing an interesting phenomenon called lucid dreaming! Learn more about lucid dreaming and its benefits in this article.

Polar bear, butterflies, penguin, and fish. The text reads: Threatened by Global Warming.

Assisted Migration

Animals have been moving away from their natural habitats due to the effects of climate change – but not all who make the move, survive. Assisted migration is one of the ways humans are intervening.