Angie Lo

Image of dendrophylax lindenii aka the ghost orchid on a black background with some ghosts

The Floating Flower

Our world is full of fascinating plant life—and the flower Dendrophylax lindenii, more commonly known as the ghost orchid, is no exception.

Dr. Sam Illingworth in a science lab creating poetry through the integration of scientific ideas. Words in the image summarize key points of the interview (science meets art, unity, consilience, vulnerability, esotericism, dissemination, poetry, artists, collaboration, science communication, journal).

Where Science Meets Poetry: An Interview with Dr. Sam Illingworth

A creator of numerous poems touching on diverse scientific topics, Sam Illingworth is devoted to exploring the intersections between laboratory and lyric. Learn about his process and explore the value and beauty of communicating science through poetry in this Specials Week article.

Common sources for antioxidants (e.g. broccoli) are dressed as superheroes catching a free radical drawn as a robber holding a bag of electrons.

Antioxidants in Action

The word “antioxidants” has cropped up in many places—it’s on labels and menus advertising the health benefits of foods and drinks, and lots of nutrition recipes name it as one of their perks. But what do antioxidants actually do, and how do they affect our bodies?

A plate of assorted peppers in front of a dish of rice and curry emitting steam in the shape of a flame, and a bottle of hot sauce.

The Science of Spice

From curry to chili to anything smothered in hot sauce, spicy food is savoured by many. But what is it that gives these foods the zing and heat we love? This article dishes out the science behind tasting and enjoying spice.

Illustration of a mummy making sounds using an artificial vocal tract

Unlocking a 3,000-Year-Old Voice

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know how historical figures sounded when they spoke?

Illustration of a giant squid with tentacles turning into strands of DNA

Cracking the Code of the Giant Squid

The giant squid is an incredible creature of great interest for researchers. However, the creature has often managed to stay just out of their reach until now.