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Umang Khan

A man and a boy sit next to each other in thought. A thought bubble containing a juice carton with an onion on it and a glass of juice connects them. There is an ellipsis above the man’s head, and a question mark above the boy's head.

Mission Improbable: The development of possibility understanding

Do you think it’s possible for a car to climb stairs? It’s an odd thought but not outside the realm of possibility, right?

In January 2022, BBC Science Focus magazine released an article listing futuristic car designs that could “revolutionize the vehicle industry”. This list includes cars that can change colour at the touch of a button or have a holographic windshield, as well as cars that have built in legs to climb stairs1.Though these designs sound outrageous, engineers and scientists consider them to be possible and thus, there is a greater chance for these designs to become a reality.

The Struggle is Real: The Moral Psychology of Temptation

The concept of extraterrestrial life is often associated with outlandish science fiction hypotheticals, little gray Martians, and conspiracy theorists donning tin-foil hats. Despite its seemingly fantastical nature, scientists continually look towards the vastness of space seeking to answer the big question: Are we alone? Around 778 million kilometers away from Earth, Jupiter’s fourth largest moon, Europa, orbits the gas giant. This formerly inconspicuous moon has been the one of the centerpieces of discussion ever since scientists discovered ice on its surface in the 1970s.1,2 With recent groundbreaking findings, deniers of extraterrestrial life have certainly been given even more of a run for their money.