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Tammy Lee

A person sitting next to the window. The weather is gloomy and raining outside the window.

Are You Just Sad, or Is It SAD?

After the relentless heat of summer, it’s no surprise if you’re looking forward to fall and its cooler weather. Whether your favourite part of this season is bundling up in cozy knitwear, cupping your hands around a delicious hot drink, or taking in the gorgeous sight of changing leaves, your wait is over! Unfortunately for many people, these perks come hand-in-hand with the threat of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

A person using their phone, laptop, and tablet. Notification bubbles with social media logos surround the person.

New Update Available: How the Internet May Be Changing Our Brains

The average Internet user from Canada spent nearly 6 hours online every day—and this was even before the Internet became the safest way to attend class or see our friends! But have you thought about the possible impacts of Internet usage on your brain?

Five science-communicators, where four of five are women.

Gender Imbalance in SciComm (Op-ed)

In this op-ed, we take a look at gender imbalance in our club and what this might mean in the greater context of the science communication field.

An illustration of a forest fire. In the foreground, there are trees that are charred black. In the background, a large fire continues to burn in the distance.

The Burning Amazon

2019 has been quite remarkable in terms of raising awareness for climate change and environmental issues. Not only did people from over 150 countries participate in climate strikes in September, but thanks to social media, the burning of the Amazon forest also gained an incredible amount of attention.

A desktop computer. On the monitor, there is an image of a sparrow bird and a prompt that reads "Are you ready?". There are two choices for the user to input, "yes" or "no".

Artificial Intelligence in Video Gaming: Sparrow

“Sparrow” is a student startup at the Entrepreneurship Hatchery at the University of Toronto. Their plan? Build a League of Legends “personal gaming coach” that incorporates AI into video gaming.

A drunk monkey holding a bottle of alcohol while hanging from a vine. The text reads "The Drunken Monkey Theory".

“Drunken Monkey” Theory

Alcoholism is perhaps the most common form of drug abuse in North America. But what if we told you that millions of years of evolution have wired your brain to seek out that glass of wine, or two, or three?

Polar bear, butterflies, penguin, and fish. The text reads: Threatened by Global Warming.

Assisted Migration

Animals have been moving away from their natural habitats due to the effects of climate change – but not all who make the move, survive. Assisted migration is one of the ways humans are intervening.

An illustration of two identical-looking green apples, with one labelled as "genetically modified" and the other labelled as "normal". The background is of a yellow colour and contains a pattern of DNA strands.

GM Food Opposition

Genetically modified (GM) foods have been a hot topic of discussion between scientists and non-scientists alike. What’s the consensus?