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Iyeh Mohammadi

An illustration of Bayon temple of Angkor wat, emerging from pulses of light generated by the LiDAR device.

Shining a Light on the Khmer Heartland

Hidden within the jungles of Cambodia, just a few kilometres away from bustling city of Siem Reap, you can find the remains of majestic sandstone temples and walled fortresses. These are all that’s left of the magnificent city of Angkor, the lost capital of the Khmer Empire—or so we thought.

A portrait of Meemann Chang. The text reads "Palaeontologist, pioneer in the study of vertebrate fossil records".

Meemann Chang: The Rose of Chinese Science

Why have some creatures gone extinct and not others? And how did modern animals and plants come about from them? These are all questions that can be answered by looking into the past through fossils. Read about one of the modern pioneers of the field of paleontology: Dr. Meemann Chang.

A hamburger on a plate. Surrounding the hamburger are bubbles. From left to right, the bubbles show peas, beans, and grains. The text reads "We can't believe it's not meat!".

We Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat!

For years, fast food chains have hailed their burgers and patties as 100% beef, often tacking on an ‘organic’ label for more flavour. More recently, however, many chains have been proudly selling 100% meatless burgers. What has changed?

An animation of wind turbines spinning in the wind with a city skyline in the distance. The text reads "Wind's Got This".

Wind’s Got This

The advent of Britain’s Industrial Revolution in 1760 changed the world drastically. With machinery replacing human labour, goods were manufactured faster and with better quality. Unfortunately, this also changed our relationship with the environment forever.

A retro videogame styled dinosaur running away from a meteor in the desert. The text reads "game over".

A Mesozoic Murder Mystery

For millions of years, dinosaurs dominated the Earth in the time period we call the Mesozoic Era (also known as the Age of Reptiles) and it seemed like nothing could end their reign. But 66 million years ago, the planet was changed forever.