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Hasan Galib

A chicken at a dining table. The chicken has a bib and is holding a knife and fork. The chicken has sunny-side up eggs on its plate. The text reads "Unconventional Parental Love".

Unconventional Parental Love

Why do some animals eat their own offspring? Learn more about this practice in this article on filial cannibalism.

A grey rat in a blue convertible car.

A Scientific Look at Real Life Rat Races

It’s the year 2019, and although flying cars and hover boards are not yet a reality, you can rest assured knowing that rats can now drive cars! That’s right, scientists at the University of Richmond in Virginia have succeeded in teaching rats how to operate tiny, rat-sized vehicles.

A drunk monkey holding a bottle of alcohol while hanging from a vine. The text reads "The Drunken Monkey Theory".

“Drunken Monkey” Theory

Alcoholism is perhaps the most common form of drug abuse in North America. But what if we told you that millions of years of evolution have wired your brain to seek out that glass of wine, or two, or three?

An illustration of a nose standing on a ladder to connect itself to the brain via a neuron.

Smell & Memory

Have you ever wondered why certain smells can bring back vivid memories? Afif Aqrabawi, a PhD candidate in the department of cell and systems biology at U of T has discovered a novel pathway that might explain the link between smell and memory.

Bacteria being burned in a flame to harvest the bioplastic stored in the bacteria cells.


Hold onto your apple cores! A start-up at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus is working to turn food waste into toys, surgical sutures, and more.