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Ersi Zabzuni

The sleep-wake cycle represented in a 3-dimensional room that is split between night and day. A woman sleeping during the night is contrasted by a man waking up to the light of day.

The Most Influential Clock

It’s on the wall, it’s on your wrist, it’s built into your laptop, but it’s also within you in the form of a circadian clock. Plants and animals developed this form of time-keeping to adapt their behaviors to the environment in a 24-hour fashion.

A person standing on a ledge illustrating and labelling the components of a human brain.

A Walk in the Shoes of a Medical Illustrator: Stacey Krumholtz

As a brilliant Medical Illustrator at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the University of Toronto, Stacey Krumholtz has combined her passion for art with her background in science to produce creative and informative graphics.