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Amy Zhang

Women in STEM

A set of nine bite-sized infographics on women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Originally created for 2020 International Women’s Day.

A portrait of Barbara McClintock picking out a chromosome from a cob of corn using a pair of tweezers. The text reads "Cytogeneticist, the discovery of transposons, the jumping genes".

Barbara McClintock

Meet Barbara McClintock, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who revolutionized the field of modern genetics. Although McClintock is unfortunately not as well-known as other scientists, her contributions to genetics are immeasurable.

A portrait of Alice Ball. The text reads "Chemist, pioneer in the treatment of leprosy".

Alice Ball

February 29th was Alice Ball day, named for an exceptional African-American chemist. She is best known for a technique she developed in 1915 to treat leprosy, which is a bacterial infection that affects the skin and nervous system and can often lead to disfigurement.

A colour illustration containing people in different roles in science communication. One figure is holding a test tube and is wearing a lab coat. Another figure is holding a laptop. The last figure is conveying a message.

A Career Exploration in Science Communication

As you make your way through higher education, you might wonder about the different careers you can enter with a STEM degree. We invited international award-winning Science Illustrator Shiz Aoki and Science Writer Jovana Drinjakovic to speak about their experiences in the rising field of science communication.

A retro videogame styled dinosaur running away from a meteor in the desert. The text reads "game over".

A Mesozoic Murder Mystery

For millions of years, dinosaurs dominated the Earth in the time period we call the Mesozoic Era (also known as the Age of Reptiles) and it seemed like nothing could end their reign. But 66 million years ago, the planet was changed forever.

A flow diagram in which the first node illustrates a person attempting a math problem on a piece of paper. The diagram branches off into two paths: 1) the person appears confused and in distress, with "math anxiety" written on top; 2) the person has a smile on their face as they hold a piece of paper, with "overcome anxiety" written below.

Math Anxiety

Math anxiety – it’s real! Discover coping strategies from psychology research that can help keep you cool when tackling your next math problem.

Good Night, Oppy. The illustration depicts the MER-B Opportunity Rover on Mars.

Good Night, Oppy

The curtain comes to a close for this little robot that has been roaming the surface of Mars since 2004.