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Shanzeh Ahmed

A person in the bath tub holding a bottle of shampoo in one hand and lattering the shampoo with the other.

Why Do We Shampoo?

As you look at yourself in the mirror, you realize your hair is a bit greasy and make a mental note to wash it tonight. You take out your favourite shampoo and put on some shower tunes!

A closeup of a gold/red maple leaf floating in a puddle. The text reads, "The rose-tinted shades of autumn".

The Rose-tinted Shades of Autumn

Who doesn’t love to walk around on a crisp autumn afternoon, listening to the satisfying crunch of the fallen leaves under our boots, and enjoying the speckled array of the reds, yellows and oranges around us? It happens every year, but have you ever wondered why some leaves fall and others don’t? Or why there’s such a variety of colours?