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Janell Lin

An animation of wind turbines spinning in the wind with a city skyline in the distance. The text reads "Wind's Got This".

Wind’s Got This

The advent of Britain’s Industrial Revolution in 1760 changed the world drastically. With machinery replacing human labour, goods were manufactured faster and with better quality. Unfortunately, this also changed our relationship with the environment forever.

An animation of a laundry machine door opening to reveal a close-up of microplastics.

Microplastics From Laundry

Plastic bags, bottles, and straws commonly get a bad rep for polluting the aquatic environment. But maybe the real enemy is…our laundry?

Printing with Light: Computer aided lithography (CAL). The diagram depicts a projector shooting a ray of light on an object (photocurable resin).

Printing with Light

You may have heard of 3D printers and their numerous applications, particularly in the field of medicine. Read on to learn how a team of researchers from UC Berkley are taking 3D printing to the next level using light.