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Cheryl Nong

The Struggle is Real: The Moral Psychology of Temptation

The concept of extraterrestrial life is often associated with outlandish science fiction hypotheticals, little gray Martians, and conspiracy theorists donning tin-foil hats. Despite its seemingly fantastical nature, scientists continually look towards the vastness of space seeking to answer the big question: Are we alone? Around 778 million kilometers away from Earth, Jupiter’s fourth largest moon, Europa, orbits the gas giant. This formerly inconspicuous moon has been the one of the centerpieces of discussion ever since scientists discovered ice on its surface in the 1970s.1,2 With recent groundbreaking findings, deniers of extraterrestrial life have certainly been given even more of a run for their money.

A colorful digital illustration of two women in knight armor swordfighting intensely under an archway made of roses.

From Foes to Flames: Does the Enemies-To-Lovers trope exist in real life?

If you are a fervent reader of slow-burn romance novels, star-crossed enemies-to-lovers stories, rivalry, and similar exhilarating genres, you’ve likely come across the infamous idiom, “There’s a thin line between love and hate.” But how accurate is this phrase in reality? And is this phenomenon an actual occurrence beyond literature and pop culture?

A digital drawing of planet Earth surrounded by falling pink particles. Golden rays radiate out from the planet's surface into space.

The Particle Shower That is Changing The Way We See The World

Life on Earth exists under a constant particle shower. Tiny invisible particles form in the
atmosphere and fall towards the Earth’s surface, passing through our bodies and everything around us on their way. From the Great Pyramids of Giza to Mount Vesuvius, one such particle, the muon, is being used by particle physicists to make new discoveries about the physical structures that surround us on Earth.

A nervous young person wrapped in blankets looks down over the edge of their bed. Two red eyes stare out from the darkness beneath the bed.

Using Memory Techniques to Face the Monsters Under Our Beds

Nightmares are no rare phenomenon; every one of us has at some point been forced to confront the monsters under our beds. Medically, a typical nightmare is nothing to be afraid of. Even recurring nightmares are perfectly normal.