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Yash Kumar Singhal

Multimedia Creator (he/him)

Hi! I’m Yash Kumar Singhal, and I’m in the third year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto! I’m doing a double major in ‘Ecology & Evolutionary Biology’ + ‘Cell and Molecular Biology – with a focus in Plant Genomics and Biotechnology’ and also have a minor in Mathematics. Growing up reading encyclopedias and watching David Attenborough documentaries, I have always had an interest in science journalism. Over the years, that interest evolved into a passion for scientific literacy, as I started my own STEM oriented podcast and began writing articles for various publications. Today, I am on the path to being an academic researcher, having worked in both molecular biology and ecology labs. Whether it be through articles and stories, or interviews and documentaries, my goal is to help more people explore the weird and wonderful world around us with curiosity and awe.