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Tammy Lee

Founder, Illustrator

Hi, I’m Tammy and I’m a PhD student from the Saltzman Lab in the department of Cell and Systems Biology. I’m a geneticist in training and I study how gene expression is regulated by ‘decorations’ on DNA, commonly known as histone modifications, in tiny transparent worms called C. elegans.

I started the SCC in 2018 as a fourth year student, aiming to provide a platform for the U of T community to learn, discuss, and practice communicating science. After moving on to my graduate studies, I stayed and alternate between the writer and illustrator roles to continue to explore different topics and ways to communicate them. I’m also interested in understanding the role of SciComm in different settings (pedagogical, academia, etc) and the gender dynamics in the field of SciComm.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy rollerblading, chilling with my cat, and cooking.