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Syed Ather


Hi! I’m Hussain. I’m a Ph.D. student in medical science, studying the underlying connectivity structures of the brain as they’re affected by neuropsychiatric disorders. I also study how the models of the brain used to describe these models intersect with philosophy of mind and neuroscience. At the intersection of these disparate disciplines, I always extend my research into writing, whether it’s through public outreach of communicating issues in mental health and psychiatry or conveying groundbreaking work in physics and neuroscience.

I’m really into communicating complex topics and finding deeper meaning that only stories and narratives can uncover. In a previous life, I was a journalist, covering science and technology at my undergraduate newspaper the Indiana Daily Student, for the Purdue News Team, and through various freelance opportunities.

In my spare time, I like cosplaying, running, yoga, and playing bass guitar.