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Angie Lo

Editor, Writer

Hi! I’m Angie Lo, and I just graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology and English from the University of Toronto. I’m now studying for a Master’s degree in Science Communication at Imperial College, hoping to learn more about the field and one day pursue a career in it.

Throughout my time at the Science Communication Club, I’ve really enjoyed the work I’ve done—from writing articles delving into cool biology concepts to collaborating with fellow SCC members to come up with brand-new ideas. This year will be my third with the SCC, and I’m excited to continue sharing some of science’s best stories through a variety of forms. 

My other interests are creative writing and literature, and in my free time you can find me doing lots of reading and writing—especially poetry! You can also find me doodling, going on long walks, and coming up with silly puns.