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Ziyan Chen

Dr. Scott V. Edwards' face and babblers scattered around his name

Scott V. Edwards

Scott V. Edwards’s colorful career and lifelong passion for birds began in his backyard in New York City, when his neighbor took him birdwatching for the first time. Unfortunately, his family pushed him towards medicine, a field that seemed like an obvious choice given that his father was a doctor. As a volunteer at the Smithsonian during his undergraduate degree, he learned more about the natural history of life on earth and decided to change his career path.

A human in halloween costume introducing a bat house on a tree to a bat. Bat: Happy.

Protecting Bats: Not so Spooky After All

Bats are possibly one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented animals of all. For centuries, bats have been and still are associated with darkness, death and the unknown. But bats don’t deserve the scary persona they have been given. If they’re actually good to have around, how can we help them thrive?

C for Climate — 2021 Science Literacy Week

For Science Literacy Week, we collaborated with the U of T Gerstein Science Information Centre to illustrate all things climate change-related in Canada.