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Yik Lok Wong

Title page featuring a gecko, jar of honey, zebra mussels and other sticky things.

Sticky Situations

Glue, marshmallows, post-it notes, blue sticky tack, and tape; what do all of these have in common? Make the science stick as we give you the rundown in this article.

A phone showing TikTok science content.

TikTok Science Communication

With more than one billion users, TikTok has become one of the widest-reaching social media platforms worldwide. How are science communicators using this platform to reach new audiences?

A sea of glowing jellyfish.

You Would Not Believe Your Eyes

Many of us have heard the lyrics, “You would not believe your eyes / If ten million fireflies / Lit up the world as I fell asleep,” by the musical artist Owl City. But the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction—nature already has millions of bioluminescent organisms scattered across various ecosystems.