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Raisa Razzaque

A colorful digital illustration of two women in knight armor swordfighting intensely under an archway made of roses.

From Foes to Flames: Does the Enemies-To-Lovers trope exist in real life?

If you are a fervent reader of slow-burn romance novels, star-crossed enemies-to-lovers stories, rivalry, and similar exhilarating genres, you’ve likely come across the infamous idiom, “There’s a thin line between love and hate.” But how accurate is this phrase in reality? And is this phenomenon an actual occurrence beyond literature and pop culture?

A person sleeping peacefully.

The Elite Sleeping Genes

“Everyone needs at least 8 hours of sleep!” How many times have you heard this phrase growing up? Certainly, we can all attest to hearing this from a parent after staying up binging our favourite show or pulling an all-nighter before a test. But in reality, do we actually need all 8 hours?