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Peter Hong

Illustration of a grandpa, baby, and cat yawning in the sun

Yawning, a Common Contagion

We all know the sudden feeling of drowsiness and an urge to strongly exhale. Yawning happens countless times throughout the human lifespan and often doesn’t warrant a second thought.

A top view of a brain, with the left hemisphere coloured in red and the right hemisphere in blue. On the the left side of the image, there are letters of the alphabet (ABC) and a math expression (2+2=4). On the right side, there is a musical note, geometric shapes, and a paint brush.

The Science Behind the Left and Right Brain

Through social media, TV, and online quizzes; almost everyone has heard about people being “left-brained” or “right-brained”. But how much truth is there to this idea of a dominant brain hemisphere?

The Mind Flayer, a supernatural being from Netflix's Stranger Things, looming over the Earth. The text reads "hive mind".

Hive Mind

Superorganism, collective consciousness, hive mind. Lately, these words have been gaining attention online because of the hit TV show, Stranger Things. But while the public only recently became familiar with the Mind Flayer and its loyal Demogorgon soldiers, the phenomenon of a ‘collective brain’ has actually been around for millions of years.