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Eugenia Yi

Illustration of a cartoon star with eyes and an open mouth that looks like it's burping. Coming out of its mouth is a cloud with the words 'Space Burp' in it

The Discovery of What May Be a “Star Burp”!

When we look up at the night sky, we see many beautiful twinkling stars. One star in particular, Betelgeuse, is part of the Orion constellation and one of the seven brightest stars we can see at night.

Friendly-looking microbes in the stomach. The text reads "your friendly neighbourhood microbes".

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Microbes

We humans tend to place ourselves on a pedestal above all other organisms, but we should take the time to thank these little microbes for the work they do in keeping our gut healthy.

A cell frantically running way from the common cold virus. The cell says, "If only I could remove that protein!" while the virus says, "I need to invade that protein!".

The Cold Cure?

We’ve all had a cold at least once, with the average person getting it 2 to 3 times a year! Could there possibly be a cure for this bothersome sickness?

A car driving down a road, leaving a trail of exhaust that reads "air pollution". Large skyscrapers fill the background.

Breathing to Death

Breathing isn’t supposed to be dangerous, it gives us life. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Smoking isn’t considered socially acceptable now but our health is still in jeopardy with every breath we take, and the culprit is more insidious than we could’ve ever expected.