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Christine Lancion

Girl with long red hair with an anesthesia mask. Text above the girl saying "Myth or Fact: Do people with red hair require more anaesthesia"

Do People with Red Hair Require More Anaesthesia?

Most of us have become well acquainted with the term “anaesthetics”- whether it’s from personal experience, anecdotes from friends, or portrayal on TV. Even though its use has become commonplace, there are many mysteries surrounding anaesthesia waiting to be explored.

Three girls sitting and reading a book surrounded by wild flowers, plants, tree, and a lady bug.

The Journey of Kendra Brown

Kendra Brown is a science communicator who has worked in a variety of roles, from teaching a writing course for college students to serving as the editor for Owl magazine and working at the Ontario Science Centre. In this instalment of Specials Week 2021, Kendra talks about her path to sci-comm and gives advice for those looking to break into the field.