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Charlotte Zhang

Silhouette of a mouse within a maze. Cyan and magenta coloured light beams originate from its brain and intertwine to form a DNA double-helix shape.

Let There Be Light: Optogenetics and the Brain

Imagine this: someone puts a light bulb in your brain. As the bulb switches on and off, it controls the activity of your brain cells. By targeting different cells, it might make you feel intense emotions, wake you up or put you to sleep, or even make you temporarily smarter.

A group of people smiling, each with a unique pattern in their brain to represent neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity: Reducing Stigma Around the Autism Spectrum

The diversity of humans and our individual differences is what makes the world so complex yet intriguing. If we embrace and respect these differences, our kindness can make a small yet important step towards an inclusive and diverse society.