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Alexandra Nitoiu

A car driving down a road, leaving a trail of exhaust that reads "air pollution". Large skyscrapers fill the background.

Breathing to Death

Breathing isn’t supposed to be dangerous, it gives us life. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Smoking isn’t considered socially acceptable now but our health is still in jeopardy with every breath we take, and the culprit is more insidious than we could’ve ever expected.

A strand of DNA walking a tight rope, with a city skyline pictured below the tight rope. The text reads: Do genetics determine risk-taking behaviour?

Genetics of Risk Tolerance

Are you the kind of person who takes risks? Chances are, you’ve considered this question before, and might think you’re relatively set in your ways as a risk-taker or otherwise. But is there a way to tell whether someone is more or less prone to taking risks?