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Aaliyah Mulla

On the bottom right, a person with their brain drawn holds their head thinking of a past incident where another person hit them with a soccer ball (drawn top left). Calendar pages are drawn across the illustration diagonally.

A Lasting Impact: Post-Concussion Syndrome

While most people recover from concussions within a couple of weeks, about half of concussion patients report symptoms for multiple months, with 10-15% of them reporting symptoms for more than a year after a head injury. When concussion symptoms last for longer than expected, it’s called post-concussion syndrome (PCS).

Illustration of Dr. Patricia Bath holding an eye model. The background is composed of patterns that resemble a phoropter, an eye exam tool.

Dr. Patricia Bath (1942-2019)

Dr. Bath was an American ophthalmologist, researcher, and an advocate for the prevention, treatment, and cure of blindness. Pushing through obstacles of sexism, racism, and poverty, Dr. Bath made innovative contributions to the field of medicine which had long-lasting impacts on the communities she served.

Three girls sitting and reading a book surrounded by wild flowers, plants, tree, and a lady bug.

The Journey of Kendra Brown

Kendra Brown is a science communicator who has worked in a variety of roles, from teaching a writing course for college students to serving as the editor for Owl magazine and working at the Ontario Science Centre. In this instalment of Specials Week 2021, Kendra talks about her path to sci-comm and gives advice for those looking to break into the field.

Illustration of a brain underneath the words "Patient H.M.". Above is a thought bubble containing a star tracing and crossword puzzle

Living in a Perpetual Present

The phrase “live in the moment” is a favourite inspirational quote and good advice for most of us. But imagine a life that must be lived almost entirely in the present.