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Harish Ramachandran


Hi! I’m Harish, a first-year Masters student in Physics, looking for theories beyond the Standard Model using tabletop experiments with ultracold atoms and lasers. I’ve long been interested in unsolved problems within particle physics and cosmology, but would like to tackle them without working in large collaborations. I just finished my undergrad in Engineering Physics at UofT and grew up in Toronto as well, so I’ve been here my whole life!

I was into journalism in high school, where I was editor-in-chief of my school newspaper. I miss writing outside of class and am eager to get back into it. I’m also motivated to make physics more accessible to the public. I’d like to get around the fear and intimidation that people tend to have of it so they can see why I find it so exciting! In general, I recognize that good science communication is essential to combatting misinformation and promoting reasoned decision-making within society. 

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, watching Leafs games, rock climbing, playing board games, seeing films (especially science fiction and crime), and solo skydiving!