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Adriana Goraieb

Events Coordinator, Events Committee

Hi hi! My name’s Adriana, and I’m a 3rd year student at Victoria College double majoring in Physiology and Human Biology. I joined the SCC because I’m very interested in the bridge between the scientific research community and the general public, especially in a world overrun by misinformation online! Plus, I love engaging in conversations on contemporary topics in science, especially in medicine. At Vic, I’m a commuter don, I volunteer at Caffiends as a barista and social media co-director, and I write for the comedy section of the Strand. In my spare time, I crochet, read (as much as time allows me to!), play piano, and do pilates. I’m very excited to plan events for this club!
A light-skinned girl with long brown hair wearing glasses, a bright red coat, and a red lanyard smiles brightly at the camera.