Quinn Lui

Two groups of people. There is a bubble hovering over the first group of people, depicting the median artery. Four identical bubbles hover over the second group of people. There is an arrow pointing to the right to show a transition.

The Mysteries of Modern Microevolution

In the womb, the median artery is the first main blood supplier for the forearms and hands. Two other vessels soon take over this responsibility, and the median artery vanishes—most of the time.

A portrait of Rosalind Franklin with a strand of DNA running vertically across the centre of the image. The text reads "Chemist, pioneer in X-ray crystallography".

Rosalind Franklin

Sometimes called the Dark Lady of DNA, Rosalind Franklin (1920–1958) was a prolific researcher in multiple scientific fields. She’s best known for her contribution to discovering DNA’s structure—as well as the controversy surrounding it.

A dentist probing at a patient's teeth. The patient's face is divided into two halves: one half shows the patient's skeleton, while the other half shows the patient's face.

Denthistory: Learning About Ancient Humans From Their Teeth

For a lot of people, visiting the dentist can be an exposing experience. Just by looking at their patients’ teeth, dentists can tell who’s been enjoying sugary drinks, or who skips flossing. As it turns out, dental bioarchaeologists can learn a lot from analyzing the teeth of prehistoric humans, too!