Anna Tram

A night scene of a house with an "anti-solar" panel on its roof that is pulsing red. A shooting star passes over the house.

The ‘Anti-Solar’ Cell that Never Sleeps

As the world’s reliance on fossil fuels continues to threaten our climate, making renewable energy sources accessible is more important than ever.

A top view of a brain, with the left hemisphere coloured in red and the right hemisphere in blue. On the the left side of the image, there are letters of the alphabet (ABC) and a math expression (2+2=4). On the right side, there is a musical note, geometric shapes, and a paint brush.

The Science Behind the Left and Right Brain

Through social media, TV, and online quizzes; almost everyone has heard about people being “left-brained” or “right-brained”. But how much truth is there to this idea of a dominant brain hemisphere?

An illustration of a forest fire. In the foreground, there are trees that are charred black. In the background, a large fire continues to burn in the distance.

The Burning Amazon

2019 has been quite remarkable in terms of raising awareness for climate change and environmental issues. Not only did people from over 150 countries participate in climate strikes in September, but thanks to social media, the burning of the Amazon forest also gained an incredible amount of attention.